Welcome your accelerated transformation experience with the perfect companion collection for Overcoming the Challenges of Change. This is an opportunity to use change to manifest your divine purpose.

ADAPT Video Series


This special 5 part video training series walks you through each and every step of the ADAPT Formula. Download the Visual Guide and then get started with the Overview View before you dive into the training series.



Ready to take your Navigating Change experience to the next level?

Living a fulfilling life includes not only having the courage to face changes that are thrust upon you but also initiating change to do something you've never done before. Your personal evolution and overcoming the challenges of change keep you on course with your Divine Path. We just need to quiet down the "noise" to see clearly. Now's your chance for a rare opportunity for a one-on-one private session with me! Together we'll honor the past and take ownership of your future. During your Divine Next Step Session, we will:
  • Identify the area of your life you are ready to create a new experience in.
  • Understand what's been in the way of creating that experience.
  • Get totally clear on your Divine Next Steps to make that new experience a reality!
  • And explore how identifying your Divine Coordinates could support you in what you would like to create in your life.
We try to make a handful of these calls available every month exclusively for our readers - but they are limited and based on availability. (As these are introductory sessions to the Divine Navigation foundations, these are reserved for new clients only)
Limited sessions available at the special discount of $97 (regularly $297). Use coupon code CHANGE
Once you register you will immediately receive a link to my calendar to schedule your private session with me. So if you'd like some additional one-on-one support from me on navigating the changes you're facing and how they can put you on your divine path, this is the opportunity to do just that! Don't wait, once all the spots are filled they're gone. If you're interested in identifying your Divine Coordinates, we can certainly discuss that possibility during your session as well. Be sure to grab your spot to receive your Navigating Change special.

Limited Sessions Available!

$97 (regular investment will be $297) Use coupon code CHANGE