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Launch Like a Coach!

As promised, we’re giving you access to the replay of our flagship SoulFULL Business Planning event where you can see exactly how to offer your own paid discovery sessions to regularly fill your business with your absolute dream clients.

SoulFull Business Planning

An innovative experience with 7 hours of high-impact training, for soul-driven entrepreneurs to create predictable
results without feeling stressed out, over-committed, or inauthentic!

Connect with Divine Guidance to you grow your
business aligned with your Soul’s unique contribution.

Whether you are wanting to run your business from a spiritual perspective (prioritizing people and the planet) or are a
spiritual business owner offering spiritual services (healing, coaching, energy work) or a more traditional business owner,
discover the power of using your Soul’s guidance to create a soulful business plan without the pressure of old ego-driven
paradigms that create too much work and get unpredictable results.

Your soul driven business is as unique as you are.
You need a business planning method just as unique.

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Session 1

Lay the Foundation for SoulFULL Success

  • Identify and connect with your soul’s desire, (rather than what you think you should want)
  • Release the burden of external expectations about how it “should” be done
  • Renew the motivation in your business and spark your internal drive where the magic happens
  • Learn the only three techniques you’ll ever need for planning in your business
  • How to design and practically guarantee that you hit any targets you aim for
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Session 2

Put Your Intention into Action

  • Using your “other” senses to determine the best course of action for YOU
  • Determine what’s really going to move your business and purpose forward
  • Create a profit plan you love that you’ll never become a servant to
  • Understand how to use your presence to make the difference you desire
  • How to prioritize your plans for greater productivity and success
  • Set yourself up for ease and efficiency while still getting it all done

Release the burden of unfulfilled expectations. Merge proven business strategy and spiritual business practices. Create a profitable plan -- so you can run the business your Soul wants you to.

Make your business work for you, instead of you working for your business.
Move beyond made up projections and delusional forecasting into repeatable predictable results.


This is for you if:

  • You've tried all the systems and just haven't found the "fit" that feels authentic to you
  • You are committed to making a massive difference in the world through your business
  • You know you need to create more forward motion in your soul-driven business
  • You are ready to run your business from a whole new perspective


Meet Your Retreat Host

Ronda Renée is a Life Fulfillment and Spiritual Business Mentor, and international speaker who has been said to have “x-ray vision for your soul.” Through her Business in Your Soul® and Your Divine Navigation System® programs, Ronda teaches high achieving women and entrepreneurs how to get the fulfillment along with the financial success they crave in their lives and businesses through aligning with who they really are not just who they think they have to be to get what they want..

Traditional business structures and planning frequently do more harm than good when you aspire to make a difference through your business.

And often they can even leave you feeling like there is something wrong with you

Chances are you didn't start your business for the "business" part. You started your business to make a difference. The problem is, in order to be able to make that difference, you need to make sure that your business thrives.

Far too often, your best laid plans to move your business forward are actually working against you.

I’m here to tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you!

The old paradigm of planning, forecasting and projecting doesn’t work in spirit/soul driven business.


What soul-driven entrepreneurs are saying...

I keep coming back because it helps me remember to stop and look forward. I love the space that is created each year. AND Ronda is amazing!

~Shaughnessey Winkelhake

Thank you again for all of your support and help. 3 new private clients in the last two weeks and a new event now with 5 sign-ups. Things are rolling again!.

~ Ken Stone

I changed - I became the receiver. In the past I just gave and hardly received - all my healings now awaken souls and people pay me a lot more money than I ever asked for.

~Kali Bolo

Phenomenal ease in attracting and closing clients at a high ratio.

~Elsbeth Meuth

I have used SoulFULL Business Planning for several years in a row now. My intention has shown up every year like magic without me having to “work” for it. Not only have I grown my business, I’ve done it in a way that was effortless, easy and fun!

~ Rose Marie Swanson


For a SoulFULL Business you need SoulFULL Business Planning!

I prefer to be moved by inspiration and follow my motivation over a schedule any day!

Traditional goal setting has never worked for me. It all just feels WAY too limiting!

Even regular scheduling such as “every Tuesday, I do this....” can make my skin crawl!

I also have BIG goals and a BIG difference to make in the world - just like YOU!

That wasn’t going to be possible without some planning, right?

But, remember I HATE planning!

What was a gal to do?

I am committed to transforming the world through my business WITHOUT compromising who I am.

I HAD to find a way of “planning” that worked for me!

And I did!

I call it SoulFULL Business Planning.

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Are you ready to achieve the fulfillment AND freedom you’ve been craving?
Your soulfull strategy awaits…